Ferrell Martin

Age : 15

Barefoot Nosepick

POTW Interview

WSP: So how long you been skatin' homie ?

FM: 5 years but I kinda didn't skate for a year so like 4 years really.

WSP: So we know Creekwood was theplace to be back in the day but who'd you use to kick it with ?

FM: RT, Jeremy, The whole Creekwood Crew, Wes, Dylan, You, Blair and Adam.

WSP: So...

FM: Don't forget Erick.

WSP: So how's life ?

FM: No complaints really I've been doin' good in school and I got this chick now so yeah no complaints.

WSP: So that sesh we had the other day was sick huh?

FM: Yeah shimmying around the bowls was fun.

WSP: We had a nice swim huh?

FM: Yeahg the bowl was filled so ... HOLY S--T ! that lightning is so close!

WSP: What ?

FM: Did you hear that ?

WSP: Yeah

FM : But yeah my only concern was diseases but once  fell in I was like F--k it !

WSP: Remember we were gonna break into to the pool and that guy caught you?

FM: Haha You helped me over and I got in. Than i saw him and I was just like "I'm...I'm leaving right now."

WSP: You were about to leave that sesh ... why'd you stay ?

FM: Just the desire to skate... I was gonna Nosepick Deep because I did on that southside wall which is bigger but I just Mini-Ramped it all day it was sick.

WSP: So how's the hand ?

FM: It sucks to piss  like unbuttoning my pants. Also doing anything involving my left hand... Frontside Airs 50-50's etc...

WSP: So 9th grade was the s--t huh ? ... TEll me about that.

FM: Idon't remember 9th grade ... I was s----d.

WSP: So what was up with PHIL ?

FM: I truthfully don't remember ... all I remember from that year was my breifcase.

WSP: Haha the cap ya' knees briefcase.

FM: Yeah, you and i would always fight when I had it. "Ima cap ya' knees" HOLY S--T that lightning is so close!

WSP: Dude remember the staircase jump?

FM: Yeah it was during C-Lunch and everyone saw it and i was like "Addison watch this" and than I jumped.

WSP: So what does the future hold for Ferrell Martin ?

FM: I'm just gonna keep skating and I'm lookin' into college ...so yeah skating and college.